Reunion for 2010!

Nina Palmieri has sent 2009 Reunion Pictures !!


Reunion held September 2005 !!!           Please SEND PICTURES!!!


PICTURES and LOGOS could be LINKS or Thumbnails, so TRY THEM !!!

James M. Curtin         1937 - 2010

Richard Donnelly

Married to Pat from Milford, MA, (met at Fitchburg State Teachers College) and living in Leominster.


Ken Farwell

Still going strong and kicking butt on the golf course.



John “Jack” Freda    1937 - 2007

Frances Ann Iacoboni - Krilich      1937  -  2011

John MacGillvray

Leeds,MA. Retired a couple of years ago. My wife go out to the many restaurants that offer an ecletic choice of international fare in the Northampton area. We also try to attend the many cultural offerings that this community provides. We also stay home on cold nights and watch the "Soprano's" and whatever the tube has to offer that is worth watching, which is very little. We find that putting a couple of logs in the fireplace and having a cozy fire, removes us from the every day rigors of winter life in N.E. We love N.E. but it's nice to remove oneself occasionally with a dreamy fire and a good glass of wine, and dream of the lazy, hazy of summer. We also maintain a summer home in Nova Scotia, where we spend a few weeks during the summer months. We have gotten word of late that they just got about three feet of snow. We hope that the old roof hasn't imploded and the family home has finally bitten the big one. My next door neighbor is by a series of strange and intriguing circumstances is a 55 graduate of Leominster high school. It was just by a strange coincidence that he had bought a house down east about 15 years ago. Our house has been in the MacGillvray family for about 140 years and has always amazed us that in such a rural area that a classmate would end up as my next door neighbor. My wife and I occasionally take a ride to Leominster and check out my old neighborhood and the city in general. We find that Leominster has change drastically as Northampton has in the last 15 to 20 years.

Sheila C. (Malloy) Arsenault 1937 - 2011

Donald Martin      1937 - 2010


Sheila (Tisdale) Maroni

Retired, living on my own in Lee, MA. Husband Jim deceased.

3 children; Michael in Leominster, James in Pittsfield and Michele in Berlin.

3 siblings living in town also; sister, Perry Lee divides her time between Tampa, FL .



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