45th Reunion Planning Committee
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Debbie (Tinker) Cardone      LHSClassof70@aol.com

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Linda May Andries        1951 - 2006

Kim A. Beaudoin      KimBeaudoin@yahoo.com

Living in Leesburg, Virginia and married to Suzanne Page; 3 children (Abby, Jacob & Hilary) and 1 grandson (Austin).
Been working for 25 years with the Federal Government; currently working in Bethesda, MD

Claire (Bessette) Johnson 

Married 33 years to Stephen Johnson & living in Little Compton, Rhode Island. We have two children,  Kate, born '83, an Archeologist in Grad. School in Boston & William, born '86, a Biology Wildlife major in college.

I am teaching Music Grades K-4 in Middletown Public Schools, Rhode Island.

Would love to hear from anyone!!

Paulette Ann (Bilodeau) Diaz  1952  --  2011
Mona M. Blanchette    1952  -  2010

James B. Cormier 1952  - 2010

Teresa M. (DiLillo) Lemire    1951  -  2010
Kevin Duchesneau    1951  -  2015  
Kathleen (Firmani) Frew         KatFrew33@comcast.net

Living in Huntsville Alabama with two children, two step-children and two grandsons.

Retired Octover 2005 from 32 years of nursing.

Ann M. (Latini) Gentile    1952  -  2012  

Larry Gianakis Sr.     LPGLarry@comcast.net

I have one Son, three Grandchildren, all living in Leominster.
Still living at Lake Samoset, Leominster
I sold Red Checker and am presently just enjoying life.


Susan (Gillis) Kruman         Gillis@pitt.edu

Living in Pittsburgh, PA, I teach yoga, dance and dance related courses at the University of Pittsburgh.
I have a website (not very current) @   http://www.pitt.edu/~gillis and for those Dance History fans (all 3 of them!) a web-based tutorial on the history of modern dance @  http://www.pitt.edu/AFShome/g/i/gillis/public/html/dance/ .
I would love to hear from classmates!



Gail  (Glasheen Creed              Gail.Creed@verizon.net    

Co-chairperson for the Class of 1970 class reunions.  Nothing planned for 2005 as of this date. Married, 2 children, 2 grandchildren.  Still working, licensed home day care provider.  Attending MWCC and working towards assoc. degree in Early Childhood.


Dr. Kenneth  L. Goss      1951 - 2006

Kevin M. Haverty   1952 - 2009


Gerald D. Hayward   1951 - 2002


Michael Hebert  MHebert@northstarind.com

Mike, married 39 years to Linda Testa (Fitchburg High, but I don’t hold it against her!) has two children, Chad – 1972 and Christina – 1977. Spent six years in the Navy as a submariner and now in the natural gas industry. I live in Fitchburg.


Patti Killelea-Almonte                PKAlmonte@yahoo.com

I’ve been living in Hawaii since 1971.  I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1990 (it took me a long time to figure out that my parents were right: I should go to college!)

I’ve been married for 24 years to the great love of my life, who is a local boy and a surfer.  If any of my old classmates are coming to Hawaii, please drop me an email so we can meet for coffee.  One of you who has a brother living in Hawaii tried to email me via "classmates" but I couldn’t write back because I’m not a paid member, so please try the yahoo address if you read this.   Aloha to you all.

Nalu & Patti

Ann M. (Latini) Gentile  
Robert R. Lemoine   1951  - 2011
Richard B. Lystila  1952  - 2014

Joan (McCaffrey) Stover                  Joan.Stover@verizon.net

Married with one son. Living in Reston, Virginia.
Training for the Boston Marathon this year, 2004.

Yikes! Would love to hear from you!

Alan McCulloch      1952 - 2010
Arthur James Paradis II      1951  -  2013  

Mike Sardelis                                 Sardmg@aol.com

Living in Leominster



Bruce Stokes   1951 - 2008


Donna (Thibodeau) Rollins    DRollins12@comcast.net

I am single and currently  living in Milford, NH with my 2 cats and I have 3 children, 6 grand-children and 1 great grand-daughter.

I have been working at Catholic Medical Center in the Wound Center for the last 7 years and love what I am doing and I love the patients. It is a great feeling knowing that we are helping them.

I can't believe it has been 40 years. I am looking forward to seeing to everyone.

Debbie (Tinker) Cardone      LHSClassof70@aol.com

Living in Burleson Texas, just south of Fort Worth. Have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 3 great grandsons.

Married to Paul Cardone, (LHS '67) 40th Anniversary in 2010 and we run Life Simplified, an organizing and Senior Move company. 

Would love to hear from yall.


Maria (Tocci) Donizetti        mdonz950@yahoo.com

Married almost 20 years, living in Florida.



Maria D. (Valente) Osborn       1952 - 2007

Nancy Valois      CosmicMoxa@net1plus.com

Cosmic Moxa is the dynamic duo of Nancy Valois, with awesome vocals and inspired keys and John Salonen maestro of the guitar, keys and killer fiddle, born in Finland and coming from a  musical background family.

They have made their home in Winchendon Springs, Ma for the past 25 years and entertain at fine New England Restaurants with their soothing smooth Jazz sound.

They also entertain at many libraries throughout New England with educational children’s shows like: “Catch the World Beat” exploring world music with an array of instruments from koto, dulcimer, oud, and a variety of drums, for the kids to use, and “Extraordinary origins of everyday items” using humor, music, puppets and storytelling they educate the children to fun facts of everyday things like superstitions, shaking hands, snack, fairytales etc. “Jazz for everyone” is an all ages jazz show which traces jazz from early 1920s using jazz standards through modern times.

Marcia (Walthall) Ottie BeachOttie2@gmail.com

Been married since 1974 to husband Steve and we have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren. I'm retired from 32 years of teaching. Steve and I have a dog walking/pet sitting business in Atlantic Beach, Florida. .


Cindy (White) Basque    Bad Email !

Living in Stoughton, MA, married to Ken Basque since 1973. We have three children - 1 in college and two graduated from college and on their own. Vice President, Finance & Operations for a leading jigsaw puzzle and game company.



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