Class of '52   2007 & 2002  Reunion Pictures

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Connie (Goodale) Musgrove

Connie's member of the LHS Alumni Scholarship Committee and the

Reunion Committee.

Walt Knowles    

1952 to 1972 in the USAF - Retired from the USAF  after over 20 years.

The next 30 years was spent working in Sales Management & Training for Aviation Communications & Navigation Systems in private aircraft.

Also worked with Pilots in Law Enforcement areas, such as State, County, Local Police Departments, US Coast Guard, Border Patrol, plus Forest Service Pilots, familiarizing them with specialized equipment designed to keep them in contact with their ground units, and direct ground units to areas requiring their support.

After Retirement, my second wife of over 25 years, Susan and I spend much of our time Camping and traveling in our RV.  Made two trips to Finland in 2006 & 2007.  There we rented  small Class C Campers, driving them around Finland for 30 days, exploring the country where my Mothers parents came to the US from.  We found and visited with many relatives we did not know, in a beautiful country full of many real nice people, and after the two trips we returned home with 68 relatives that we had no prior contact with.

 I have two Sons, a Grandson and a Granddaughter.  One of my Sons, is also Retired Air Force and my Grandson is in the US Coast Guard, on his second 4 year tour, and working on a military career.

Walt & Susan 2009

Military Pictures

Kathleen F. (Nass) Peters

1936 - 2007

John Edward "Jack" O'Donnell

1933 - 2008

John Rogers                     

Graduated, went to Worcester Tech.. Went to work for DuPont in Buffalo NY in 1958.
Met and married the former Barbara Myers, a Buffalo native.
We had four children born in Buffalo, Kathie, John, Maureen and Tom.

Moved to Wilmington Delaware in 1969. Retired from DuPont in 1993.

We NOW have eleven grandchildren: Julie and CJ Furdella; Matthew, Kaitlin, Kimberly and
Brandon Cottrell and Allison, Emily, Gracie, Krista and (another) Johnny Rogers.

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