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Alan Anderson      1948  --  2015
Sandra M. (Aubuchon) Cook

I work for the Leominster Schools for over 24 years now, presently in the Business Office.  My husband passed away 3 years ago.  I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  Looking forward to retiring in a few years.


Richard A. Bacon            

Rich is now living in Slingerlands, New York, just outside of Albany. Has been with GE (Plastics, Capital and Transportation) for 31 years and has been transferred to different parts of the country 9 times. This one is going to be the last one!  & Still fishing !!


Margaret (Barker) Allen

Live in Leominster, married to Dick Allen, (LHS '66). I graduated from MA College of Pharmacy in 1973.  I now work for a Specialty Pharmacy Company called Accredo Health.  I am the GM for their Marlboro facility that services all of New England for home infusion services.
How's that for an advertisement?
I have one step-son and a 1 year old Grandson.
Daughter of Santa Claus.

Susan (Booth) Head

Living in Worcester and worked for Hanover Ins. Co for 28 years.
Daughter Susan born 1993.

Mark Bowser    1950 - 2002 LHS68 Mark Bowser 01.jpg (78642 bytes)

Jasper R. Chirco    1950  -  2012

Cheryl A. (Farrow) Sacramone   1950  -  2012


John Fitzwater

Live in Douglasville, GA and own a chemical company. My three sons work with me. My sister Alice also works with us. We have 30 employees and we make and package our own chemicals such as coatings, detergents, adhesives and many other products. We have three grand children.

Janet (Forrest) Miner

Moved to Naples, FL in 1992 with my husband Bruce and our three sons, Jason, Trevor and Nicholas. Nicholas is now married with our first grandchild, a Girl! After three boys having a grandaughter was like hitting the lottery!

Bruce still flies and we go to the Bahamas every chance we get. The boys are all close by and my parents are still living in Leominster. Life has been kind to me.

Both Bruce and I manage and sell real estate in Naples. He deals in Commercial and I in Residential.

Susan (Hatton) Beaudoin

Living in Fitchburg last 28yrs- Tough to deal with at Thanksgiving with my kids as they went to Fitchburg schools- at least it makes for an interesting day- Hard to let go of one's school dedication!!!!  Have been working as a Registered Nurse in the geriatric field for a very long time- Guess my high school job as a nurses aide at Fairlawn Nursing home carried over with me.


William J. L. Holloway 



John Lagace

I really enjoyed seeing everyone at the 40th reunion.  It's hard to say 40th as it seems only a few years ago we left LHS. My wife Becky and I are living in Kingwood, Texas and will celebrated 8 years together in February, 2009. She is retired and I hope to join her soon. 

I graduated from Lowell Tech and Penn State in Chemical Engineering and I have my professional engineers license in Texas. I joined a start up Engineering and Construction company a few years ago and I need to see it through for five more years.  We were the 4th fastest growing company in Houston in 2008 and I take much pride in that.  We design and build refineries and chemical plants to keep y'all warm, fed and well.  

My little girl Lauren is 24 and just left the Air Force after 4 years.  She and her husband live in Shreveport, La. near Barksdale AFB where she worked. She is now in college thanks to Uncle Sam. 

My wife and I travel and are looking for a retirement home somewhere in Italy, Costa Rica or Canada. OK, the list is longer than that.

I've had a blessed life and I've seen more than I ever hoped for for a shy kid from Leominster. I've lived in Thailand, Saudi Arabia (Lauren of Arabia was born there), and Malaysia. I've been on all but one continent, and I lost track of the countries I've visited.  I've been shot and hit, and I speak a little of at least nine languages. I have been a Catholic, a Buddhist and I am now a born again Christian. I won't change again.

I dearly hope to make the 60th reunion. Let's decide we'll all make it.

68-JohnLagace03.jpg (99821 bytes)

Jane (Lawler) Quillin     1950  -  2012

Rebecca (McAllister) Gaudet    New Email address?

Living in Leominster, work part time in a Doctor's

James J. "Pizza" Maggio 1949  -  2010

Steve Martin

I attended Becker Junior College, Gordon College and graduated from Fitchburg State College, Business Administration (1978). Did my graduate studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and received my Master of Divinity  (1981) and Doctor of Ministry (1992).

I was married to Cherie Gagnon, LHS '70, from 1970 - 1975.
Edie Poultney Brown, LHS '60, married me in 1976. We were blessed with one son, Stephen, and I have two stepsons, David and Don.

I ministered in Leominster United Methodist Church as youth minister from 1970-1978, was a pastor churches in Kentucky (1978-1982) and northern New England (1982-1990). During a sabbatical I became paraplegic and was forced to stop ministering churches. Although I have been disabled since 1991, I also wrote a book, publish in 2000:  "Proof: There is a God!"  My greatest desire remains to introduce everyone to Jesus, so you can know the unsurpassed joy of a personal relationship with Him.

Donna Masiello

Single, moved to the Asheville area of beautiful Western North Carolina in May, 2008. Great weather here and looking forward to being away from New England winters. Y'all come on down!

Dr. David Matthews

David is currently serving as the Senior Economic Advisor and Econ/Ag Team Lead with the Department of State for the Provincial Reconstruction Team. They're located at Forward Operating Base-Warhorse, Baqubah,  Diyala Province, Iraq, about 60 miles North-East from Bagdad.

David grew up in Morocco, France, Turkey and Leominster.  He has traveled extensively through more than 40 other countries. He and his wife Jane, call Williamsburg, Va. home. They have five children and seven grandchildren.

Avocations: Instrument rated pilot-aircraft and balloon, sailed with the Soviet Team on Fazisi in The Whitbred Round the World Race of 89'-90'. Climbed Kilimanjaro, Huascaran,  Rainer. Accomplished woodworker,  rower  and  skier.

David is honored by Alma Mater and General Petraeus for his service.
Some interesting pictures too!

Ally Piermarini   1949 - 2010

Ally Passed away, September 15, 2010

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Alan Plant

1950  -  2009

Thom Proctor

My wife, Genessa, and I have  have lived in Miami, Florida since 1975. After graduating in 1972 from Lowell State College (now UMass-Lowell) with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, I taught elementary music for three years on Nantucket Island. For the first 10 years in Miami, I managed a music store. In 1985, I became an account executive with Columbia Pictures Publications, which became CPP/Belwin in 1988, which was then purchased in 1994 by Warner Bros. In 2005, WBP was sold to Alfred Publishing Company (Van Nuys, CA). I'm still "here," but I work from home now. Since 1991, I have been an acquisition editor, publishing wind, string, and percussion method books and songbooks, as well as accompaniment recordings (and some videos).

I play principal French horn in the Greater Miami Symphonic Band, and I'm personnel director and chairman of the board as well. I also have played in a church orchestra and brass ensemble (since 1986), and took over directorship in 2004.

My wife, Genessa, is a scenic artist who works in theater, television, and film. You may see her name in the end credits on movies like Cape Fear, Weekend at Bernie's, and Titanic. Recently, she painted the U.S. Supreme Court scene at the end of the Emmy-Award winning HBO movie "Recount." (The columns and floor are not real marble, just painted to look that way.) She was scenic foreman and then head scenic on the movie "Marley & Me," starring Jennifer Aniston, scheduled to premiere Christmas Day, 2008.

My family has all moved away from the Leominster area so I don't get up there anymore. But I still follow the Thanksgiving Day football game results.

Brenda M. Royer    1950  -  2009



Sue (Terry) Windham

Living in Lancaster, MA. Employed by the University of Massachusetts, Office of the President, (Information Technology Services). Hope all '68 classmates are happy & healthy! Would love to hear from you.


Chester "Chet" Tocci

I have three children, two girls and a son. My son is still in the military. My oldest daughter finished her military tour and lives in Maryland. I have one grand daughter and one on the way. My son is almost through his second military tour. And he lives in AZ. The youngest daughter lives and works locally. After sending many years in the Telecommunication field, network infrastructure, and working many years on the road in customer service, I now work for a Photo Etching company as a facilities mechanic.

I got remarried 2 years ago to my childhood sweetheart.


 Douglas "Harpo" J. Wenzel Albert

1948  -  2014







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