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Maureen (Barba) Canning            
Still living in Leominster - married for 39 yrs to Sam Canning (from NY). We have 2 children - Chris & Beth - both are married and live in Shirley & Leominster, we have 4 grandchildren - John, Kassandra, Erin & Greg.  Chris owns his own plumbing business and Beth is an LPN working towards being a RN.  I have been working in the insurance business since high school - I work for DeCarolis Ins. Agency owned by another LHS alumni Joe DeCarolis.
Still friends with my high school buddies- Valerie Lauricella Jones, Judy Ciprotti, Connie Letters Bauer and Paula Davis Davis - we are heading to LasVegas to celebrate our 60th birthdays - where have the years gone...........
Hope to hear from other classmates.

Gerald Gerry D. Bergeron

1946  -  2011



John L. Bisol     

The student who "did the morning announcements" on the PA.
I have earned an ASME from Northeastern, a BSME from Central NE College,
a Master's in Education from Fitchburg State and I'm working on my CAGS at FSC.
Now an Instructor with the Worcester Vocational High School for ten years.
Married 30+ years to Christine (Lombardo) formerly of Waltham.
I dedicated my new book,
"The House on South Street" to her.
Maybe people have forgotten me because after high school as I served four years in the Air Force.
When I was discharged I moved to Hudson, MA and have lived here for 30+ years.
I'll always have a remembrance of my days at LHS and if anyone ever needs a guest speaker to
talk about life's "adventures" I've had my share.

Linda J. Boucher

Living in Wellesley,MA . Working for HP selling to colleges in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York City.


Rocco G. Candiello  1948  -  2011

Robert E. Cormier       

Retired Leominster Firefighter living in Vero Beach, Florida. Married and have three children and four grandchildren. Moved to Florida to enjoy the good weather and to get back into golf.
Hope to hear from some of my classmates.


Paula J. ( Davis ) Davis            

Yup, lucky me managed to find a Davis that wasn't a relative to marry.  Got to keep my own maiden name without even trying!  We married in November of 1974 and still going strong.    We live in Ventura, California and have 2 sons,. Christopher, born in 1977, and recently engaged.  Kevin was born in 1982, is now married and lives in Phoenix, AZ.  I'm retired as of January, 2009 and my husband is retiring in December 2009.  I get back to Leominster as often as I can to visit my cousins and my best friends.  I'm been gone for a gazillion years and I STILL miss home. 

And I, for one, have NOT forgotten John Bisol!!  The voice of the Class of '66.

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Maureen (Barba) Canning, Judy Ciprotti, Connie (Letters) Bauer,
Paula (Davis) Davis and Valerie (Lauricella) Jones

Douglas M. Fletcher   1947 - 2009

Barry M. Foss     1947 - 2012

Helen M. (Kendall) Hill     1923  -  2014


David A Hill     1947  -  1969


Can you please add David Hill of the class of 1966 to the memorials.

David was my cousin who was killed in the Vietnam War. He is listed on the Virtual Wall at this location with Pictures and specifics.

Memorial Pictures in Leominmster


Laura (LaFleur) Harrington LHS Class of 1966



Valerie A. (Lauricella) Jones

1948  --  2015

Sandra L. (LeBlanc) Boutotte

Colleen N. (McFarlin) Picard    1948  -  2012

Joseph V. McGee   1947  2010

Thomas J. Miller     1947 - 2002

Thomas "T." Miller Basketball Court @ Bennett School

Christine A. (Mills) DeLisle

1948  - 2012

Francis “Frank” J. Nass

1948  --  2015


Donna A. Pelkey    1947  -  2011

Edward J. Popoli     1948  -  2011

Shirley (Williams) Reynolds              

I married my Junior High and High School sweetheart in 1968, James F. Reynolds also of our class (Trade School).

We have two wonderful children, James Jr., who just recently got married in June of 2012, to a wonderful girl he met online from Conn. & Boston areas, and is a ESL teacher in Boston. He is fulfilling his dreams with his music and recording/filming career in Boston, Portland, Portsmouth, and also does landscaping/and tree removal.

Our daughter, Kim is married to Kevin May, and they have two beautiful daughters. Kim is working as a Secretary in the Opthamology Dept. at Reliant Medical Group in Worc., and studying to be a Pediatric Nurse at Quinsigamond College, and her husband works for the State as a Facilities Maintenance man at the Housing for the Elderly in Leominster.  As for me, I have worked several jobs since High School, but presently, I am working at the Wm. A. Allen Co., in Leominster, and have been with them 22 plus years. I am a Cert. Fitter/Sales Mgr./and Sales Clerk at the store. Jim was in the U.S. Navy Seabees stationed in Gulfport, Ms. and did a tour of Vietnam in 1969 and then worked at the Digital Equip. Corp. for 17 yrs. as a Facilities Maint. Man, and then went on to do the same type of work at the Fallon Clinic, which is now Reliant Medical Group and recently semi-retired this year. He works only three days a week. I too hope to retire sometime soon. I try to play golf as much as I can.

Jeff Tamblyn

Living in Manchester, NH and looking for work-as usual.



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