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Tech School Graduation - 1960
Amarillo AFB, Texas

W/ Names

 Basic training at Lackland AFB, TX.  Technical school at Amarillo AFB, TX in the 702X0 field, Admin Specialist.  Then went to RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, England from Apr 1961-Apr 1965.  Worked in Civil Engineers, Fire Dept and Personal Affairs. 

LHS '58    A1C Jim Tansey  USAF   1960 - 1965


Lackland for basic, then on to Personnel School in Chanute, Ill.

Frst Assg. 604th ACWSq, Freising, Germany. 1959, Rothwestern, 601st ACWSq-Hqtrs.

<<  Went to AF Academy - played football and made All-American!

Had to leave before graduation, went back to Germany, married Brigitta some 50 years ago in Kassel, Germany - back to States in 60 - Otis AFB then Hawaii and retirement.


LHS '56    CMSgt Nick  Mascis  USAF   1956 - 1998



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