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Viet Nam   1972
May 1970
Lackland AFB, Texas

Leominster Enterprise Article says I got through Basic and was heading for Lowry AFB, TX.

 I ended up in PME School, the USAF calibration school. I left after 9 years as a SSgt., T32470, Master Technician and Master Instructor.

1970 - 1971   Lowry AFB, CO

1971 - 1972   Westover AFB, MA

1972  Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN

1972 - 1973  U Tapao AB Thailand

1973-1976   Lowry AFB, CO

1976-1977   Osan AB, ROK

1977 - 1979   Griffiths AFB, NY

I have the Tee Shirt!

June 1973
 U Tapao AB Thailand

I had to pose for this Mugshot when I applied for Instructor duty back at Lowry AFB in Colorado.

LHS '69     SSgt. Thom DiGeronimo  USAF  1970 - 1979


Gulf War   1991

Basic Training @ Lackland AFB

Helicopter ride in Gulf War

Promotion orders  to Sgt.

SCUD missile attack.
LHS '81       SSgt. Mike Guidara    USAF  1981-1993 (Med-Ret)


Balad Air Base, Iraq - 2004
LSA Anaconda "
Home of the Air Force Theater Hospital


From 2004 - 2005 Senior Airman

Delle Chiaie served in Balad,

Iraq as an Aerospace Medical

Service Technician in the 332nd

CASF, assisting more than

4000 wounded Soldiers &

Airman with Medical


Jessica is now working as a

Civilian Medical Technician at the

Base Hospital @ McDill AFB

Tampa, Florida.

Transporting Injured Soldiers
in Balad.

w/ SrA Ryan Richardson on the
bus to a helicopter.


w/ Marine Injured in Falluja
named Hegarty
LHS 2000      Sr. Amn. Jessica Delle Chiaie USAF  2002-2006
Brooks City - Base     San Antonio, Texas

1997 - 1999  Peterson AFB, CO

1999 - 2004  Aviano AB, Italy

Jan-Feb 2000   Morocco

Dec 2001 - Mar 2002  Saudi Arabia

2004 - Present  Brooks City-Base TX

67 IOW Communication and Information Manager of the Year 2005

68 IOS 4th Quarter, NCO Quarterly Award Sep-Dec 2005


LHS '92       SSgt. Sue (Sears) Mincks  USAF '97 - Present


Pensacola Naval Hospital - Pensacola, FL

CAPT Charles A. Ciccone, DO, MPH


Medical Director Branch Health
Clinics/Emergency Manager

Pensacola Naval Hospital

LHS '75     Capt. Charles Ciccone  USN 1989 - Present




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