45th Class Reunion was held  October 19, 2002

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This Class Picture was Courtesy of Professional Photographer George A. Schroeder
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Be advised that HIS quality was much better than I could do on this page!

Alice  Uong's Picture Link
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Sitting:   Rena Anderson Arsenault , Nancy Coleman Brown, Joan Hines Kyajohnian. 

Row 2   Maryann Celli Minutillo, Philip Pirro, Carol McMilleon Gaudet, Dotti Novelli Wolferseder, Janet MacNevin Baron, Class Advisor - Jennie Mazzola Moynihan, Joan Gillis Holohan, Donna Carluccio D'Avolio, Wayne Hatfield, Jane Dombrowik Pelletier, Bev Miles Stone, Sherrill Lambert Crowley, Judy Caisse Robichaud, Sandy Baer Cormier, Pat Stockwell Strickland, Evelyn Munson North.

Row 3   Mary Golas Walsh, Carolyn Enright Saulnier, Judy Nelson Scott, Gloria LeBlanc Lefebrve, Rita Carrescia Hill, MaryJane Mullen Allain, Peggy Mason Oliver, Nancy Cosenza White, Barbara DiNardo Hamilton, Pauline Ayotte Seuss, Arlene Helenius, Brassard, Shirley Lemoine Silverthorne, Alice Uong, Dawn Zwicker Lowe, Corrine Gaudet Bergeron, Betty Nally Beauchemin, Pip Rainville Baron, Madeline Arpin Comforte, Pat Fini Flynn

Row 4   Peter Liljegren, Bill Shepard, Ron Palazzi, Steve Marshall, David Jones, John Maxim,  Bob Carney, Janet Ogg, Dave Sisson, Luann Booth Hume, John O'Connell, Peter Watson, Dave Gopfert, Tony Farinelli.

Row 5   Ronald Myllykangas, Jim McNeil, Donald Poultney, John Donnelly, Robert DiMarzio, Tom Shoemaker, Arthur Millette, Ronald Renzi, Robert Baker, Eugene Wixom, Les Swindell, Robert Quirk, Jeff Sangster, Ray Lolli.



On Platform:   Wayne Hatfield & Donna Carluccio D'Avolio
Front:   Bev Miles Stone, Janet MacNevin Baron, Sherrill Lambert Crowley, Joan Gillis Holohan, Tony Farinelli, Jane Dombrowik Pelletier, Judy Caisse Robichaud, Rena Anderson Arsenault.

Photo's Compliments of George Schroeder, Official Website Photographer, and Donna Carluccio D'Avolio


Reunion  Committee
Judy Caisse Robichaud Joan Gillis Holohan Janet MacNevin Baron
Bev Miles Stone Jane Dombrowik Pelletier Anthony Farinelli
Donna Carluccio D'Avolio   Sherrill Lambert Crowley Wayne Hatfield
  Rena Anderson Arsenault  


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Reunion Guest List for 2007


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