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Susan (McNeill) Spuhler, LHS 81, tells me this is the the Nun's Residence behind Julie Country Day School on Lindel Ave.

Linda (Mahan) Pinder,  LHS '56 adds: "Notre Dame Convent was set back from the corner of Merriam and Lindell Avenues. Formerly the old "Tapioca King" estate, and prior to that, the very grand Grayling Hall (Harry Pierce Estate), it was torn down within the past 8 years (1999). As part of the estate, the Pierce stables were remodeled to form part of Julie Country Day School. The convent closed, as so many did, with lack of vocation, and financial difficulty trying to support the very large building.

The property originally belonged to Joel Crosby, who was a bodyguard to George Washington. It was his house that was torn down to build Greyling Hall.

Here's what we have on the school...   Julie Country Day School opened in 1941, in one room of the stables of Grayling Hall at 365 Lindell Avenue. There were 13 students then, in Kindergarten through grade nine, taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. They named the school for their foundress—Saint Julie Billiart, who founded the order in 1804 to educate poor girls in the aftermath of the French Revolution—the country location, and the fact that it did not accept boarding students. In 1955 it saw a new addition and in 1991 a new Learning Center/Physical Education Complex.

For sixty-five years, the teachers at Julie Country Day School strove to fulfill the mission "to instill a belief in the Goodness of God, promote character development, provide academic excellence, and inspire a desire for life long learning. This mission is supported by an emphasis on community building, joyful outreach to those in need, and social responsibility rooted in Catholic values."

Julie Country Day School celebrated its last day of school June 12, 2006.


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