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The Leominster High School Alma Mater


Upon the hill you stand upright

Against the storm of time and tide.

Your glory is our guiding light;

Your nobleness our pride.


We raise our voices now in song

And send your praise across the sky.

You served us faithfully and long;

Your spirit shall not die.


Hail, O Alma Mater, hail to you

Your noble heart forever proud and true,

And though the years are dark and long,

This will be our song forever more.


The trust you gave us we shall not forget

For Faith can never know regret.

The star of truth, symbol of our youth,

We praise you, Leominster High.


   Class of 1942

Lyrics:  Robert Cormier              Music:  Alphonse C. Piermarini, 

Submitted by  Norma (Piermarini) Marshall, Class of 1964



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