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Olive (Simard) and Paul "PJ" Byrne in the 30's
They met almost 50 years later, after Paul's wife, Shirley (Yager) Byrne, LHS '37, passed away.

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Olive and Paul "PJ" Byrne
PJ's 80th Birthday
November 11 1986

PJ was born 11/11/1916 and died 2/12/2001

Karen Byrne LHS '62, Olive and Tom Byrne
celebrate Olive's 90th Birthday
August 3 2007


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My many thanks to Olive (Simard) Byrne, LHS '35
& Karen Byrne LHS '62 for these 1935 Magnet Pages and updates / news of Olive .

Hi Tommy

I'm making good use of my time while I'm snowed in with the Blizzard of 2003. I have scanned in some pages from the LHS 1935 yearbook.  I have the cover, title page, and pictures of the class members.  As you already know the is my step-mother Olive Simard Byrne's class, but it is also my father's class.

My dad (Paul J. Byrne, also known as PJ and sometimes Paully by people who knew him in high school), could not afford to have his picture taken for his yearbook so he only has a "blurb" at the end of the pictures.  Since I think you should also have a picture of him  with his class, I am sending you three.  The first one is with a basketball team, the Comets.  The Comets was an athletic club founded by my dad and his friends while they were in high school.  They had all kinds of amateur teams including football.  They had a clubhouse in a room in the Scanlon Building (at corner of West  St and Pleasant St). The building is now owned by Vinnie Campobasso, I think. In the Comets picture, my dad is the guy in the middle of the back row with the bow tie.  This picture is probably the closest to what he looked like in high school.  The only other people I can identify in the picture are Wallace (Wally) Weinbaum (front row third from left) and Peter (Pete) Rudnicky (second row third from left). Wally has 2 sons, Stephen, LHS 1962 and Peter LHS 1963.  Pete has 3 sons who also went to LHS. I don't know their names because they are quite a bit younger than me.
The second picture is of my dad at some Foster Grant function. He worked there for 45 years retiring in 1981.
The third picture is of dad and Olive on Dad's 80th birthday.  My dad met Olive a few moths after my mother died in 1980 at his 45th high school reunion.  They were married in August, 1981.  My dad died in February, 2001.
Hope you can use these pictures to honor  the Class of 1935.
Karen (2003)
Hi Thom
After 5 outpatient gastroscopies, Olive is doing well.  She had a stricture in her esophagus and it took 5 procedures to stretch it out so that she can eat regular food again. Her 90th birthday was on August 3 and she was able to celebrate by eating her favorite food - lobster.  She now lives at a nursing home here in Natick, so visiting her is much easier for me. Here is a picture from Olive's 90th birthday party with Olive, me and my brother Tom.
Karen (2007)


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