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These are pictures I took while driving to
different service calls or my trips to Leominster.
  And I get paid, too!

Just ADDED a Sixth or Seventh PAGE!

( I'm Elderly so cut me some slack ! )

All the pictures are THUMBNAILS

2003 Alaskan Fishing Trip

68-RichBacon05.jpg (99172 bytes)
Tom Bisol, Lodge Employee & Rich Bacon
68-RichBacon04.jpg (39388 bytes)
Tom Bisol & Rich Bacon
68-RichBacon03.jpg (142767 bytes)
Steve D'Onfro, Tom Bisol & Rich Bacon
68-RichBacon06.jpg (156084 bytes)
Rich Bacon
68-RichBacon01.jpg (162186 bytes)
Tom Bisol & Rich Bacon
68-RichBacon02.jpg (121687 bytes)
Tom Bisol reeling one in.
68-RichBacon08.jpg (66348 bytes)
Tom Bisol
68-RichBacon07.jpg (41435 bytes)
Tom Bisol


August 2003 trip to Leominster for Family Reunion

DCP02076.JPG (319944 bytes)
Dick's Barbershop,
My brother Vinny
@ Jasper's Restaurant on Hamilton Street
DCP02210.JPG (285916 bytes)
Joanne and Alan Anderson
@ Chubby's Restaurant in Fitchburg
DCP02279.JPG (388349 bytes)
My brother Donnie w/ his
wife Sherry
DCP02235.JPG (199846 bytes) @ My Sister Joyce's Anniversary Party
DCP02093.JPG (336774 bytes)
Steve does RIBS!
@ My Sister Joyce's Anniversary Party
DCP02100.JPG (265397 bytes)
My Sister Jodi, her daughter, Jessica
and HER daughter, Julianna!
@ My Sister Joyce's Anniversary Party
DCP02124.JPG (334814 bytes)
Tom & Susan Bisol w/
Joan  & Jack McCumber
@ My Sister Joyce's Anniversary Party
DCP02109.JPG (460262 bytes)
First Prize for SHOES & 
"Well Turned Ankles"
@ My Sister Joyce's Anniversary Party
DCP02132.JPG (334026 bytes)
Tom in a serious discussion w/ Steve
of RIB Preparation

DCP02166.JPG (231564 bytes)
My Cousin Noella and ME!
DCP02235.JPG (199846 bytes) DCP02221.JPG (273633 bytes)
My brother Leon and his
daughter, Loren


This was a trip to Leominster for my Nephews' graduation on June 7 2003

Jun0302.JPG (389124 bytes)
Dick's Barber Shop
Jun0303.JPG (288325 bytes)
Bruce Corliss at Dick's for coffee.
Jun0304.JPG (283569 bytes)
Dick at work, still!
Jun0305.JPG (326096 bytes)
Dick's Memorabilia
Jun0306.JPG (306720 bytes)
More "drop in's"  for coffee.
Jun0307.JPG (189772 bytes)
Capt Tom Bisol in ACTION!
Jun0308.JPG (178211 bytes)
Capt Tom Bisol at REST!

Got to say HI to Dick Sarao at the Fire Dept (Ret. 2005)
Jun0309.JPG (285454 bytes)
Terry's Place !!
The Sacramone Family.
Jun0311.JPG (212314 bytes)
Here's Terry. I remember her
from the Central Square Diner.

Jun0312.JPG (255658 bytes)
Phil Desmaris,  Anna, Terry &
Rocky Sacramone

Jun0310.JPG (259545 bytes)
Met Mike and Vanessa Imbriani
for coffee Friday morning.
Jun0315.JPG (272608 bytes)
Another stop at Jasper's
and a hello to Ernie Merrit.
Jun0313.JPG (311425 bytes)
Gerry Sidlau was my neighbor
and friend on Hall Street
Jun0314.JPG (253368 bytes)
He runs Blanchettes now.

John Sproul at the
Il Camino


My Nephew
Adam Paquette

My Nephew
Tyler DiGeronimo

In case you forgot the smell...

Spike's daughter, Joanne Anderson,
runs C&M Pizza now.



Bighorn Sheep on I-70 near Georgetown, CO - May 3, 2003

Rams Georgetown 01.JPG (92799 bytes) Rams Georgetown 02.JPG (76551 bytes) Rams Georgetown 03.JPG (65097 bytes) Rams Georgetown 04.JPG (87841 bytes)
Rams Georgetown 05.JPG (110195 bytes) Rams Georgetown 06.JPG (104579 bytes) Rams Georgetown 07.JPG (104615 bytes) Rams Georgetown 08.JPG (99701 bytes)
Rams Georgetown 09.JPG (105735 bytes) Rams Georgetown 10.JPG (88751 bytes) Rams Georgetown 12.JPG (101163 bytes) Rams Georgetown 11.JPG (101864 bytes)


Visiting Tom & Susan Bisol in August 2002

Laura and I visited Tom and Susan Bisol at her Mom's house at Spec Pond.
Her Mom, Joan McCumber, is an old friend from Hall Street. They were our next-door neighbors for years.
Joan cooked us a wonderful lunch and then Susan's brother Jack took us for a tour
of the pond as we reminisced about the others we grew up with at the pond.
It don't get any better than this!!!!

aug2002bisol02.jpg (112936 bytes)
Capt. Tom

aug2002bisol03.jpg (117768 bytes)
Mimi Antonucci & Susan

aug2002bisol04.jpg (90253 bytes)
Susan & Jack

aug2002bisol05.jpg (110518 bytes)
Joan McCumber

aug2002bisol01.jpg (104507 bytes)
Capt. Tom

aug2002bisol08.jpg (137453 bytes)
Laura & Tommy D.

aug2002bisol06.jpg (122793 bytes)
Jack Jennifer & Laura

aug2002bisol07.jpg (138185 bytes)
Jack & Crew



And Down the Road A'piece I found Jasper Chirco
Jasper's doing well ! I had the fried clams, Mary, and they were GREAT!!!!

69-chirco02.jpg (42889 bytes)   69-chirco01.jpg (83446 bytes)
Jaspers Coffee Shop
192 Hamilton Street, Leominster, MA 01453


Service Call @ Big Elk Meadows near Estes Park, CO
November 2002

bigelk001.JPG (72585 bytes)



North of Fort Collins, CO      June 2002

cowshome01.JPG (138956 bytes)
The Cows Do Come Home


animalhead01.JPG (94748 bytes)
Other Slow Movers !

Vern's Restaraunt, LaPorte, CO
vernspost01.JPG (118991 bytes)
   vernspost02.JPG (114788 bytes)
The Door Posts @ Vern's

animalhead02.JPG (88599 bytes)
Other Slow Movers !

jackalope01.JPG (72328 bytes)   jackalope02.JPG (17312 bytes)
Vicious Jackalope !!!

lynx01.JPG (89687 bytes)

mtnlion01.JPG (61251 bytes)
Mountain Lion

weed02.JPG (210530 bytes)
Our Weeds 

weed01.JPG (148724 bytes)

are Prettier 


weed03.JPG (133010 bytes)
Than Yours !


June 14 2002  Trip Near Estes Park  Some Geese and a Cobra !

DCP01459.JPG (15745 bytes)      DCP01457.JPG (14540 bytes)   DCP01455.JPG (22102 bytes)


June 11 2002  My Front Yard ... Slow Week - New Camera - My Cookie !

squirrel01.jpg (39309 bytes)      squirrel02.jpg (67209 bytes)

June 1 2002    Near Estes Park Colorado

deer1390.jpg (27086 bytes)   deer1391.jpg (20192 bytes)   deer1392.jpg (11777 bytes)   deer1393.jpg (8351 bytes)


Third Week of May 2002 - Bunnies are born - About 4" long.

bunny1381.jpg (12470 bytes)   bunny1382.jpg (10451 bytes)   bunny1384.jpg (7045 bytes)


First week of April 2002,  near the Wyoming border.

DCP01300.JPG (22148 bytes)   DCP01310.JPG (27178 bytes)      DCP01311.JPG (16965 bytes)   DCP01312.JPG (17482 bytes)

DCP01313.JPG (11683 bytes)   DCP01314.JPG (36495 bytes)   DCP01315.JPG (44152 bytes)   DCP01316.JPG (56023 bytes)

DCP01317.JPG (17781 bytes)   DCP01318.JPG (58396 bytes)   DCP01319.JPG (58532 bytes)


These were taken on an Easterly trip to Simla, CO   April 2002

DCP01330.JPG (15913 bytes)   DCP01333.JPG (11145 bytes)   DCP01335.JPG (40406 bytes)


These below were on a  trip to Leadville, CO April 27, 2002

DCP01348.JPG (62337 bytes)
Storm at Eisenhower Tunnel
Live Camera LINK 

DCP01350.JPG (42324 bytes)
No 2 wheel drive van today!

DCP01349.JPG (61263 bytes)
Guard Puppies

DCP01347.JPG (42534 bytes)
Water from a stone in Idaho Springs

DCP01346.JPG (46909 bytes)
Water from a stone in Idaho Springs

DCP01350.JPG (42324 bytes)
No 2 wheel drive van today!

DCP01353.JPG (84999 bytes)
Made it to Leadville, CO

DCP01351.JPG (58969 bytes)
Mining Competition

DCP01354.JPG (57934 bytes)
Texas Jack

DCP01352.JPG (44844 bytes)
Old mine equipment

DCP01355.JPG (53586 bytes)
Mining cart

DCP01358.JPG (82569 bytes)
Looking better on return

DCP01357.JPG (75800 bytes)
Looking better on return

DCP01360.JPG (53447 bytes)
The High Point of my day!

DCP01361.JPG (108420 bytes)
Back home safe!!

DCP01362.JPG (84900 bytes)
Back home safe!!



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