4oth Reunion
Friday, November 29, 2013
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35th Reunion - 2008
(2003 Reunion below, Cathy)

Friday, Nov. 28 from 7 to 11 PM   @ Apple Hill Farm

Top Photos by Linda (Proietti) Grossi

Apple Hill Farm

Pat Wyman and wife.

Alex Paine (Cathie Pellegrini's husband), Sal Ciccone and Sharon Bigelow Despres (owner of Apple Hill farm)

Nancy King, Jan Page and Heidi Marrama.

Rose Duffy Hayes & Sue Stebbins Bisceglia

Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Deborah Mina VillaFranco, Joe DePasquale, Vin Bisceglia.

Steve Gallant, Gisele Belliveau Gallant and Cindy DeFelice Allaire.

Brad Bailey

Ed Zephir and Mike Proietti.

Noreen McLaughlin Beaulieu, Laura Proietti (Mike's wife) and Fran West Brideau.

Kevin Sidleau, Vin Bisceglia & Gil Donatelli (Mikey Crowley's husband)

Linda Blanchette Johnson, Gisele Belliveau Gallant, Rose Mary Duffy Hayes, Linda Proietti Grossi.

Cindy DeFelice Allaire and Monique Chenard.

Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Sue Stebbins Bisceglia, Sue Chalifoux Zephir, Linda Blanchette Johnson, Lou Ann Brideau Aquilla.

Steven McCumber, Joe DePasquale and Kevin Sidleau

Linda Proietti Grossi & Liz Capola.

Linda Proietti Grossi, Liz Capola, Linda Gates, Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Sue Stebbins Bisceglia, Sal Ciccone.

Jimmy Kelly & Dennis Rainville

Bill Roy, classmate's wife & Richie Race.

Mike Proietti wants you to come to the next reunion!

Charlie & Michelle Simard Rajotte & Debbie Frechette Thibeault

Brad Bailey and John Christopher

Kathy Ciprotti (wife of Donnie), Lisa Brideau (sister of Lou Ann Brideau) and Marco Aquilla (husband of Lou Ann & brother of Chiara)

Lou Ann Brideau Aquilla, Deborah Mina VillaFranco, Donna Fini Balletta, Sue Chalifoux Zephir, Linda Proietti Grossi.

Jimmy Legere, Paul D'Onfro, Kevin Sidleau

Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Ann Les, Mikey Crowley Donatelli, Joey Crowley D'Onfro (wife of Paul & sister of Mikey)

Sharon Bigelow Despres & Jim Kelly

Michelle Simard Rajotte, Cathy Hesketh and Michelle's husband, Charlie.

More Photos by Vinny Bisceglia

Sue Stebbins Bisceglia, Cathie Pellegrini Paine & Linda Proietti Grossi.

Sue Stebbins Bisceglia, Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Rose Mary Duffy Hayes & Linda Proietti Grossi.

Sue Stebbins Bisceglia & Deborah Mina VillaFranco

Cathie Pellegrini Paine & husband, Alex.

Cheryl Gaudet, Monique Chenard, Carolyn Wooldridge, Cindy DeFelice Allaire.

John Christopher, Brad Bailey and wives.

Charlie & Michelle Simard Rajotte, Cheryl Gaudet, Cindy DeFelice Allaire, Monique Chenard, and Fran West Brideau

Joey Crowley D"Onfro, Laura Piermarini Proietti, wife & Pat Wyman, Sal Ciccone

Cindy DeFelice Allaire, Carolyn Wooldridge, Lou Ann Brideau Aquilla, Deborah Mina VillaFranco, Sue Stebbins Bisceglia

Jimmy Kelly & Pat Wyman


Jimmy Legere, Kevin Sidleau, Cathie Pellegrini Paine, Ed & Sue Chalifoux Zephir



30th Reunion

November 29, 2003
@ The Monument Grill !

Cathy L. Hesketh & Jodi (DiGeronimo) Sagstetter
sent these pictures.

We need MORE  !!!


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