Updated 15 June '09

One's that Got Away  !!
Lorraine (Allard) Lanagan

Patrick Morley

Alan Spear

Michele (LaFrance) DiPaolo

Lorraine (Allard) Lanagan

David Butcher

Roberta (Hawkins) York

Alice (Fitzwater) Buckle

Norman Godin


James Lamoureaux

Kathryn (Muzyka) Macone

Michael Grasso

Sandra (Bergeron) Smith

Gloria Gagnon

James Lambert

Alice (Fitzwater) Buckle

Gloria Gagnon

Need New Addresses for These People.


40th Reunion - Missing Classmates List  !!!

People for whom we have no address.  Please let us know where they are!!!!

Please Squeal on these people to: Darlene (Williams) Cloutier

LadyD156@aol.com    or   978-343-2780

Robert Adams

William Blankenship

Lois Barber

Monique Bourque

Margaret Colburn

Norma Cormier

Sharlene Crowe

Francine Gallant

Betty Greer

Judith Hood

Helen LeBlanc

Grace Lee

Patricia McNally

Suzanne Newey

Patricia Reed

Marianne Perez

Susan Beaudoin

Robert Strunz

David Wicker



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