40th Reunion - Missing Classmates List  !!!

People for whom we have no address.  Please let us know where they are !!!

Sandra Allen

Samuel Amico

Lee Avery

John Benson

Anna Lanciotti Bernard

Thomas Bernard

Diana Bernard Bishop

Paul Branagan

Marilyn Bryant Branagan

Richard Brill

Sandra Brown

Nancy Desmaris Burt

Bradley Clark

Patricia Ridlon Comerford

Patricia Arpano Cook

Bruce Crawford

Joanne Hildreth Daniels

Henry Day

Francis DeCarolis

James Dobson

Roger J. Doucet

Carol McEleney Dunkel

Elmo Evans, Jr.

Gordon B. Fletcher

Richard L. Forster

Daryl Goss

Guy P. Harvey

John A. Harrington

Frank A. Howard

Peter Howe (Email)

Susan Crossman Ingemie

Donald Jensen

Marcia Johns

James W. Kendall

William Kenney

Lisa B. Korshak

Ann Lapointe

John Laudon

Richard LeBlanc

Peter Leon

Norene Girouard Levine

Diane Lucas

Donald Maillet

Sheila Mann

Bruce McCutcheon

Kenneth Meade

Barbara Morlock McFeters

Gene Metivier

John Moore

James Murray

Charles F. Page

Joaquin Perez

Charles W. Pierce

Gael Murphy Powell

Julie Padovano

Larry Pierce

Joseph Preziosi

David Raynor

Elton Ricker, Jr.

Paul Robitaille

Marcia Swartz Roxe

Marie Elizabeth Sacco

Gilbert Schaffner

Donald Setzco (Email)

James Sheehan, Jr.

Chyau N. Shen

Maryjane Shepard

Sandra Smith

Michelle Marquis Souza

Joan Murphy Spinelli

Pamela Tessier

Ronald Vachon

Diane Irish Wagerhals

Charles Wheeler

Patricia Duguay Wieland

Donald L. Weymouth

Susan Boucher Williamson

James Wyman

Nov. 18, 2008


Class of 1964 Deceased Classmates
As of October 09, 2008

 Donald Adams

Roger Ambruson

Donald Angelini

Nancy Adams Barnett

Rose M. Carbone

Edward Cawthorne

Sandra Brosseau Couture

Ann Crotch

Arthur Deane

Susan J. Gardner

Darlene Farmer George

Marcia Nutting Hamel

Charlotte Davis Howe

Harrison Howard

Betsey Kennedy

Nancy LaStella Holtham

Paul Lavin

Linda Goldman Lindstrom

Susan Gould Martin

Gail Caravelli McCormack-Moore

Joanne Cowger Micklus

Fred Nash

Margaret Milosh Packard

John Perla

Mario Perla

Mark Petersen

Dieco Pignata

Ronald Proietti

Raymond Stacy

Virginia Grubb Sterritt

Susan Winthrop


Where are they now ???
There are 330 members of the Class of 1964 and as of November 20, 2008 We’ve got 208 on our mailing list

Locations of 91 are unknown

31 are deceased

Seven are married to other classmates 

83 live in Leominster

10 live in Fitchburg
(Who do they root for at the Thanksgiving game?)

54 live in other Massachusetts towns

1 is in Arizona

1 is in Arkansas

1 is in British Columbia

6 are in California

5 are in Connecticut

1 is in Colorado

9 are in Florida

4 are in Georgia

1 is in Japan

1 is in Illinois

1 is in Kentucky
(Yes, Francene, we knew it would be you)

3 are in Maryland

1 is in Maine

1 is in New Brunswick

1 is in New Mexico

2 are in North Carolina

7 are in New Hampshire

2 are in Nevada

2 are in New York

2 are in Ohio

1 is in Rhode Island

5 are in South Carolina

1 is in Virginia

2 are in Vermont



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