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Class of 1962

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Reunion Pic's #1

Class of '62 reunion was November 30, 2002

Congratulations to you, Joan, and your hard-working committee.  It was a great party.

Pictures and Captions
by Karen Byrne

Prudy Barry-McGibbon chats with reunion chairperson
Joan (
Cross) DiMarzio.

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Karen Byrne

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Mary Howe came all the way from Long Island, NY for her
first reunion.

Carolyn (
Sheldon) DesJardins, Prudence Barry-McGibbon & Karen Byrne relax before the reunion.

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Joan Lanza enjoys reading some material on the Memory Table. She retired at age 50 Doesn't she look great!

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Lois Saunders and Karen Byrne  reunite after 40 years.  They first met in the first grade at Field School (now the Leominster Historical Society building)

Ralph Caisse and Karen Byrne celebrate 40 years out of high school and their respective retirements as high school teachers.  Ralph retired from Leominster High in 2001 and Karen retired from Natick High in 2002
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Ralph Caisse still has a nice smile after all these years

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Tom Rogers and Sheila (
Salvatore) Rogers have been together since junior high. Sheila is proud of her famous author brother R.A. Salvatore, who writes fantasy books and is the author of the books Steven Speilberg used to create the Star Wars movies

Tommy Smith still has his fabulous record collection.  In high school he spent his entire weekly allowance buying 45's at Sabatelli's.  Maybe Tommy can be the DJ at our next reunion and play some authentic 60's music
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Kenny Tyler and his fiancée

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Bob McGee (
LHS '64) escorts his sister Pat (McGee) Gendron

Joan (Cross) DiMarzio and her hubby Rick DiMarzio (LHS '66)
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Tommy Smith hugs his old pal Pat (
McGee) Gendron



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